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~Introduction to the Production Scheduling System Asprova~

Chapter 09 - Customization

Developing Plug-Ins

Q: What should you do with the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System to incorporate and operate the programs (plug-ins) you have developed links to?

A: When a plug-in is developed, you can directly access almost all of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System's internal data (objects and properties) and can reference, add, change, delete, and execute internal methods (processing). Plug-ins allow high-level, high-speed development with close linkage. Developing plug-ins requires that you have a good knowledge for making use of the COM interface technology, which gives development with a high level of functionality? compared to external programs.

'// Plug-in source codes Example in Visual Basic
'// Create class definitions
'// 070327

Public Function CreateNewClass(className As String, classAlias As String, project As ASBProject, args As AsPlugInManager.ASPArgList) As ASOObject

Dim classDef As ASOObject
Set classDef = project.CreateUserClassDef(className, className) If classDef Is Nothing Then
     Set CreateNewClass = Nothing
     Exit Function
End If

'Other name for the class definition
classDef.Alias = classAlias

'Other name for the class root
Dim classRoot As ASOObject
Set classRoot = project.FindChild(className)
If Not classRoot Is Nothing Then
     classRoot.Alias = classAlias
End If

' Return the class root
Set CreateNewClass = classRoot

End Function

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