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Kaizen Study Tour (Day 2) May 20, 2008

In the morning, we moved from Narita to Komatsu airport.

J-Bus Ltd

Visited a bus assembly factory. The assembly line for the buses had to handle a wide variety of types but with only a few of each kind. Because of this mixed variety of bus types that were moving along the assembly line the process fragmentation was very large. The painting and chassis assembly were being carried out at the same time and then ideally the final assembly process was carried out at the same time with JIT. Due to the use of kaizen every process was controlled by order number with the balance of the painting process execution time handled by scheduling.

And in the evening, we stayed at a traditonal Japanese hot spring.

An evening meal, Japanese style!

See here for more details about the KPC Kaizen Study Tour in Japan

Written by Kuniyoshi Takahashi: Production Scheduling Case Book

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