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Japanese Blog in Bangkok (in English)

On my regular long hikes across the web in search of entertainment and enlightenment I occasionally come across a site of interest. Now that I have my own blog here I'll introduce you to some of my discoveries if and when they are related to the world of manufacturing.

Anyway, one new site I found was by a Japanese gentlemen living in Thailand. He's started his own software company in Bangkok and he has his own blog (called View point of a Japanese in Bangkok Thailand), which you can see in English. The address is:

Apparantly there are 50,000 Japanese people living in Thailand and about 50% of the manufacturing companies in Thailand have capital from Japan so it's not surprising that a large number of these Japanese are working in the manufacturing industry. If you would like to get an insight behind one of these Japanese then you might enjoy checking this blog out occasionally.

By Warren

2008/06/16 | Diary| comments(0)

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