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Takahashi's Scheduler Case Book: Chapter 13

The Curious Case of the Scheduler that Made Itself Redundant

I had the opportunity to talk with the staff of Company M who had purchased a production scheduler. The company's parts factory manufactured a wide variety of metal clamps, fittings and fasteners. When I asked how things were going since they had installed the production scheduler they replied that it was doing a great job for them, but that they were no longer using at the moment. A little taken back I said that it couldn't of been of much use to them if they were no longer using it but they said not at all, it had been of great help to them. Sensing a twitch in my case book, I then questioned them further.

They had entered the bill of materials (BOM) and orders into the production scheduler and based on the production schedule generated they had been able to fine tune the plant's operating conditions including the elimination of bottlenecks, balancing of production lines and the relocation of equipment. They had figured that since they had be able to improve their manufacturing so much that they had already got their money's worth out of the purchase of a production scheduler. The fluctuations in demand for their products were fairly even so all of decisions about daily production could be made on-site instead.

This is a very good example of how a production scheduler can be used as simulation tool to model the manufacturing process of a factory.

Case Closed. . .

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Written by Kuniyoshi Takahashi: Production Scheduling Case Book

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