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Takahashi's Scheduler Case Book: Chapter 14

The Intriguing Case of Who Reforms the Reformers

There was once a rural plant belonging to Company N, a major manufacturer that had installed six production schedulers simultaneously. I received a communication telling me that everything with the production schedulers was running well but that something had unusual had occurred during installation.

The head office's production reform team had come to the plant to provide guidance about KAIZEN and is very often the case the plant itself would have to pay for this guidance. For a long time the reform team examined, very carefully, the production scheduler that was in operation in the plant. However, rather than giving advice on how to use the production scheduler, the reform team said quite the opposite. They admitted that it was they that had actually learned a lot about how a production scheduler works.

The improvement recommendations that this reform team would make were all manually oriented, in other words concerning only the actions that humans would carry out. Improvements such as this, the improvement of human-related action is of course important. However, it is far more effective to use the simultaneous combination of retraining personnel and adopting the use of large-volume high-speed processing afforded by the computerization of the production scheduling.

Case Closed. . .

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Written by Kuniyoshi Takahashi: Production Scheduling Case Book

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