Factory Mechanism

Introduction to Factory Mechanism


"What will be left when we return to our own rooms and throw all industrial products out of the window? Vegetables, fruits, potted flowers...not much will be left. When we think in this way, we notice again that our everyday life is supported by industrial products, and by a manufacturing industry which manufactures these industrial products. Without this manufacturing industry, our life is not sustainable.

However, the kind of activities performed inside a factory, surrounded by the factory walls, are difficult to understand from the outside. In this series, we will explain the mechanism of manufacturing inside the walls of a factory in simpler terms.

Three important missions of the manufacturing industry:

1. Develop excellent products.
2. Supply products to the market at appropriate volume levels.
3. Avoid placing a burden on the environment.

The first series mainly explains the structure of the above-mentioned "2. Supply products to the market at appropriate volume levels". The content is a partial abstract from the book "Mechanism of a Factory" with illustrations, courtesy of the authors and Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing.

Used with kind permission from the book:
"Mechanism of a Factory with Illustrations"
Published by Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing.
by Mitsuo Matsubayashi and Hiroshi Watabe.
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